Hailing from Bologna in Italy, ELYAZ – whose real name is Mauro Elias Morone, born in 1993 – is a musician, singer & record producer. Beginning his musical journey at a tender age, after being closely inspired by his father – revered Italian fingerstyle guitarist, Franco Morone – as a child, creativeness was never far away from Mauro Elias Morone. Teaching himself to play piano & sing, as well as embracing the guitar – it wasn’t until ELYAZ began working as a DJ, that he began to explore the idea of creating music of his own & expressing himself through the art form.
ELYAZ went onto further nurture his passion & fate, along with a relentless drive & focus, then saw him move into music production, which was a natural progression for the Italian. This was followed by the first in a wave of original productions & remixes in 2016, published on the DFC (Dance Floor Corporation) record label. Subsequently, ELYAZ’s single ‘Whispers’ secured a Top 10 spot in the notorious Spinnin’ Records Talent Pool – an accomplishment which further re-affirmed his rise as an artist.
Completing the course in 2017, ELYAZ also studied Sound Engineering at the Italian National Academy of Cinema, in Bologna, which was underpinned by his quest to explore all aspects of music, production & sound design. ELYAZ is also a graduate of the International Professional Certificate Program in Film & Television, at UCLA in Los Angeles. As an artist, ELYAZ made the self-assured decision to trust his own instincts & fully empower himself by releasing independently – further allowing creative control & artistic freedom.
Now presenting his uplifting, feel good single ‘Break the Distance’, the record marks a new chapter in ELYAZ’s ongoing musical story & is underlined by the wonder & passion of a once child chasing his dreams, as he firmly takes his next step forward. In the accompanying video for the single, it’s also the first in which ELYAZ features & despite having taught himself to play a number of instruments throughout his musical career to date, his ultimate goal is to break through as a DJ/ Producer & to explore music from a digital approach, as well as a more traditional one.
ELYAZ is a modern age artist, with a deep-rooted understanding of music from the ground up, but one who also understands the world is a changing place & digital forms are just as valid as analogue, or acoustic & there are no longer boundaries in place. In his own words, ‘Break the Distance’ is a song that “proves dance music doesn’t have to be simple, that it can be elegant & musically eloquent, rather than merely pumping and functional.”
Stay tuned, as ELYAZ’s beat goes on..