How can I get a music license for business use?

License request

License one or more songs from the music catalog of ELYAZ, easy application process compatibile with small, medium and large business needs.
A master use license and a synchronization license are mandatory needed for a correct and authorized commercial use, in any type of business activity.
For proceed with a license request please fill out the dedicated Google form:
Explanation of terms:
  • License coverage: The scope of media you need to cover, common examples would be streaming use on the internet  (YouTube, Social media channels, Adv commercials / Pre-roll), TV Media (All forms of television broadcast), Radio (All forms of radio broadcast), Live venue presentation, Events, Trade shows, Conferences, Corporate meetings, DVD / Download with Units for sale, Theatrical Distribution or Video Games.
  • Territory: The territory within which you intend to distribute your project, and therefore, required to be covered by the license.
  • Time range: Length of time you intend to distribute your project, and therefore need covered in the license.
  • Usage: Single use in one media, or Multiple uses in different media.