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ELYAZ – Wildlands


ELYAZ – Break the Distance
Written, produced and performed by ELYAZ, his brand-new single, Break the Distance, has a country music feel. Upbeat and bold, it gallops beyond borders and bursts through boundaries.
ELYAZ – Whispers
Preview, download or stream Whispers by ELYAZ.
ELYAZ – No Matter Where (feat. Bonnie Rabson)
Preview, download or stream No Matter Where by ELYAZ, released on DFC label featuring Bonnie Rabson.
ELYAZ – Don’t Wake Me Up (feat Ty LeBlanc)
Preview, download or stream Don’t Wake Me Up by ELYAZ, an electronic dance tune released on DFC label, featuring Ty LeBlanc.
Ramirez – La Musika Tremenda (ELYAZ Remix)
Preview, download or stream La Musika Tremenda, the cult techno track released in 1991. Is now available with a new Remix by ELYAZ.